Legends Of Ska Due In August

Brad Klein meldet, dass Legends of Ska demnächst fertig wird.

Thank you for supporting the Legends of Ska film project. The time has come to spread our wings and fly. Join us this week for the World Premiere at Rototom Sunsplash, Europe’s largest Jamaican music festival. Please have patience if you are waiting for the DVD and Soundtrack. Much is needed to be completed before those items can be sent out. Forward ever. Brad

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Mothafuckin‘ Rastafari: Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg ist jetzt Snoop Lion und macht Reggae. Dazu ist er natürlich nach Jamaika gezogen, wo er laut gut unterrichteten Kreisen

  • behauptet hat, die Wiedergeburt Bob Marleys zu sein
  • Rastafarians beim Nyabinghisieren filmen hat lassen und sie so schwer beleidigt hat
  • für ordentlich Trubel in den Tivoli Gardens gesorgt hat, wo die Leute ihn wohl lieben.
  • Mit La La La ist jetzt der erste Tune des demnächst erscheinenden Albums Reincarnated zu hören. Letztlich besteht die Nummer nur aus Phil Pratts Monster Rhythm Artibella (der natürlich wiederum auf der früheren Ska Nummer von Stranger Cole und Ken Boothe aus Dodds Studio 1 basiert), alles andere hört sich an wie das Wartezimmer eines Logopäden verrührt mit einem verdammt schwachbrüstigen Terrace Chant.

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    Sound Dimension Live In Concert

    Völlig unfassbarerweise werden demnächst Mitglieder der Soul Vendors und der Sound Dimension, darunter Joe Isaacs (!), Brian Atkinson (!), Hux Brown (!), Vin Gordon (!), Carl Bryan (!), David Madden (!) und Robbie Lyn (!), ein gemeinsames Sound Dimension Konzert geben. Dazu kommen noch Special Guests. Faszinierend, was reggaetechnisch in Los Angeles geht. Via.

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    The Skatalites musical journey

    Nice article in today’s Jamaica Observer about the Skatalites.

    It was made up of nine, now very famous, national cultural icons, including McCook as leader, along with the incomparable Don Drummond, that brilliant keyboardist and arranger Jackie Mittoo, ‚Dizzy‘ Johnny Moore, ‚Jah Jerry‘ Haynes, Roland Alphonso, Lloyd Knibb, Lloyd Brevett, Lester Sterling and lead singer Doreen Schaeffer. Over a period of approximately 18 months, they backed the live appearances of many artistes promoted by ‚Coxson‘ and other promoters. Four years after the group split up in 1965, Don Drummond met his untimely death. Between then and 1983, the other members performed mainly in two succeeding groups; the Soul Vendors and the SuperSonics. In 1983, at the urging of Synergy Productions and the prospect of the Skatalites performing live at Reggae Sunsplash that year, the group reunited.

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    Legends of Ska Trailer 2012

    The official trailer of Legends of Ska (1,2,3,4) is out. Magnificent.

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    Soul Vendors Drummer Joe Isaacs Marches On

    As the Jamaica Observer reports, there is a documentary about Joe „Drummie“ Isaacs and Studio 1 Rock Steady in the making. Not bad, eh?

    In it, Isaacs, who played on many classic songs at Studio One during the 1960s, speaks of his days working with legendary musicians including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, Jackie Mittoo, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Toots and the Maytals, the Heptones, Marcia Griffiths [and] Burning Spear.

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    The Rise Of Duets In Jamaican Music

    Very nice article on the rise of duets in Jamaican music in today’s Jamaica Gleaner:

    But perhaps the most influential and successful male vocal duo in early Jamaican music was the Blues Busters – Lloyd Campbell and Philip James. Born March 9 and December 31 respectively in the year 1941, they met at infant school in Montego Bay, sang at school concerts and later performed together in north coast nightclubs during their teens, before being brought to Kingston in search of better opportunities by Noel Simms of the group Skully and Bunny. After recording their first song, Little Vilma, for producer Micky Obrien in 1960, they made a dramatic entry into Coxson’s stables with the self-penned enthralling ballad, There’s Always The Sunshine in 1961.

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    Legends Of Ska: An Update

    News from the „Legends of Ska“ film project (we reported and reported):

    The Legends of Ska film is progressing very nicely. To use a football analogy, (since today is Super Bowl Sunday) we are approaching the „Red Zone“ and the film will be completed this year during Jamaica’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Watch for it at a film festival near you later this Fall, Winter or next Spring. You will be notified of our game plan. For regular updates, please visit our Facebook page, Twitter (@LegendsofSka) or web site (www.legendsofska.com). Your generous support has made it all possible. On a sad note, I regret to report that a dynamic Legends of Ska artist recently passed away. One of the early original Jamaican sound system deejays from the 1950s, Mr. Winston Sparks (aka King Stitt) died at his home last Tuesday in Kingston on January 31. He is survived by his daughter, Beverly. King Stitt was a true pioneer on the turntable & microphone during the pre-ska days, while always being a loyal friend and colleague of his boss, Sir Coxson Dodd of Studio One. Stitchie did a wonderful job toasting both nights of the Legends of Ska concerts in Toronto. He will forever be missed, but never forgotten.

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    Ska: The Musical War

    Great article on the ska war in yesterday’s Jamaica Gleaner!

    Derrick, obviously upset, warned Buster that if he released the song, he (Derrick) would compose and release one with the words „Buster while you were at sea, I was along with B (Blossom – his wife) and all your children have the mark of this blackhead Chineyman“. On hearing this, Buster relented. Both sides came to a settlement and the musical war ended.

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    † Barry Llewellyn Of The Heptones

    Rock Steady and Reggae legend Barry Llewellyn has turned away for good. As a founding member of the Heptones he was part of one of the finest vocal groups of all times and will be remembered as one of Reggae’s biggest heroes. What a gift to have seen Barry and the Heptones live on stage a couple of years ago. Praises to the man.
    Read more…

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