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Journey to Trustafarianism

Der Beginn ist mit Gentlemans völlig verwirrtem Eso-Käse zugegeben ziemlich nervig, und nicht nur einmal ist man geneigt den zahlreichen Studien zuzustimmen, die den hydroxilierten Metaboliten des Delta 9-THC eine psychotogene Wirkung attestieren, aber das Projekt bietet neben pseudokritischem Unsinn mit Möchtegerntiefgang auch weniger Klischeehaftes. Und dazu richtig schöne Bilder. 5000 von 60000 $$$ sind schon beisammen, und wer Gentleman und Alborosie den Werbefilm finanzieren möchte, der kann das bei Kickstarter tun. Dann gibts vielleicht auch bald mehr von Terry Lynns Street Poetry zu sehen und zu hören. Und als weiterer positiver Nebeneffekt könnte bei dem Film sogar etwas Aufklärung in Sachen „Alle Jamaikaner sind Hassverbrecher“ abfallen. Mal sehen!
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More on Brian Gillies‘ „Rude Boy“ movie

The Jamaica Gleaner has published a very interesting interview today with film-maker Bruce Gillies about his latest project „Rude Boy“ (we reported). Sadly, it seems as if the movie will never be released as only $1,713 were pledged so far, yet $1,000,000 are needed to realize the project. edit: Please read the comments. The shooting of the movie will begin in 2012!

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Man Free: Everyday life in Jamaica

Ambitionierte Dokumentation über das alltägliche Leben der Menschen auf Jamaika. Leider macht der Trailer den Eindruck, als wäre das ganze ein Projekt des Tourismusamtes. Über die Freiheit im Slum zu verenden oder ermordet zu werden erfährt man zumindest im Trailer nichts. Read more…

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Rough and tough: a Rude Boy movie

The Rude Boy movie project by Bruce Wayne Gillies tries to fetch $ 1.000.000 on kickstarter in 60 days to raise money for the production of the movie. The trailer contains amazing vintage footage. Good luck!

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Dexter Campbell the Ska Professor

„Right now mi have 20,000 albums and 15,000 seven-inch (45s) and mi know mi can safely get roughly $15 million for my collection without a doubt,“ Campbell said.

Very good read about Jamaican soundman Dexter Campbell in today’s Gleaner.

And Campbell says judging from the reception he gets when he plays ska music abroad „it come in like Jamaica nuh know wah dem have an dem mek odda people a tek it ova. A nuff a di old singer dem just start mek money, like all a France. A promoter haffi come a Jamaica fi dem a carry dem guh pon stage show abroad.

As if all this wasn’t interesting enough, another secret is revealed. Who will get his collection?
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Blessings all over, seen… A photo blog

Blessings all over, seen … Amazing photo blog on Jamaican music and culture by photographer Brian Jahn.

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Reggae Museum?

The Jamaica Gleaner about many veteran artistes‘ problem: their more recent productions are disregarded and aren’t played, because everybody wants to listen to their old stuff.

Artistes from the rocksteady and roots-reggae eras, including Bob Andy, Leroy Sibbles, John Holt and Ernie Smith, have complained that their new music is ignored by local disc jockeys who prefer to play their standards from the 1960s and 1970s.

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Hope for Jamaican musicians: Jamaica Music 50

As the Jamaica Observer reports, a new Jamaican music association called Jamaica Music 50 was recently founded with the aim to support Jamaican musicians, composers, artistes, authors and producers „as a device to correct related abuses inflicted upon [them]“.

As Bunny Wailer pointed out: „Jamaica’s music surviving the first fifty years of its existence as an industry was only mainly due to the faith, devoted love, respect, hope and expectation that the freedom and liberty agitated for on behalf of the African oppressed people would be possible to achieve due to the constant pounding of reggae music.“

Let’s hope that’s gonna help some artists to get some of their well deserved money.

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Not just entertainment: Rise up

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“do you expect me to believe that people TALK over records?”

Lesenswerter Artikel von John Eden in Datacide 11 über britische Leitkultur und westindische Einflüsse mit ein paar schönen Schwänken aus dem letzten Jahrhundert:

Translating JA soundsystem culture to London did not prove all that straightforward. Lloyd the Matador asked an electronics man named Fred to build him a modest 600 watt amp for Brixton’s Sir Coxsone Outernational sound. Fred became exasperated: “You must be fucking crazy. Do you know how much power it takes to drive a cinema? Ten watts!”

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