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Teach Dem: Reggae In The School Magazine

Early 1970s school magazine article about Reggae. Via Michael De Koningh at PAMA forum.

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Legends Of Ska: An Update

News from the „Legends of Ska“ film project (we reported and reported):

The Legends of Ska film is progressing very nicely. To use a football analogy, (since today is Super Bowl Sunday) we are approaching the „Red Zone“ and the film will be completed this year during Jamaica’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Watch for it at a film festival near you later this Fall, Winter or next Spring. You will be notified of our game plan. For regular updates, please visit our Facebook page, Twitter (@LegendsofSka) or web site ( Your generous support has made it all possible. On a sad note, I regret to report that a dynamic Legends of Ska artist recently passed away. One of the early original Jamaican sound system deejays from the 1950s, Mr. Winston Sparks (aka King Stitt) died at his home last Tuesday in Kingston on January 31. He is survived by his daughter, Beverly. King Stitt was a true pioneer on the turntable & microphone during the pre-ska days, while always being a loyal friend and colleague of his boss, Sir Coxson Dodd of Studio One. Stitchie did a wonderful job toasting both nights of the Legends of Ska concerts in Toronto. He will forever be missed, but never forgotten.

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Reggae 1970

The complete legendary documentary by Horace Ove about the Reggae festival in Wembley in 1970.
Read more…

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Ska: The Musical War

Great article on the ska war in yesterday’s Jamaica Gleaner!

Derrick, obviously upset, warned Buster that if he released the song, he (Derrick) would compose and release one with the words „Buster while you were at sea, I was along with B (Blossom – his wife) and all your children have the mark of this blackhead Chineyman“. On hearing this, Buster relented. Both sides came to a settlement and the musical war ended.

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† Winston „Techniques“ Riley

After a horrible last year for him (he was both shot and stabbed within two months), Winston Riley has passed away on January 19th. Just like all those other murdered Reggae legends, he won’t be forgotten.

Kurt Riley told the Observer this morning that his father’s grieving relatives could not figure out a motive behind the attempts on his father’s life. „Unfortunately Daddy didn’t wake up so we could talk to him to find out if there was something he was not telling us. He was a straightforward man, who was allergic to hypocrisy,“ he said.

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Marcia Griffiths: Mark her words!

Interesting article on Marcia Griffiths in today’s Jamaica Gleaner.

“It’s been a rough, tough job standing up as a woman in this business, that’s why my album before Land of Love I chose to call Indomitable, which means not easily discouraged or defeated. My views on women in reggae are positive; most of the new or upcoming female singers in reggae started out singing my songs before doing their own originals. I feel very good about that; to know that I have influenced my people positively.”

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An Unsung Hero: Randy Chin

Great little piece on legendary Reggae producer Vincent Chin in today’s Gleaner.

Chin acquired the name Randy’s from a United States (US) late night radio show entitled Randy’s Record Shop, which was sponsored by a US record shop of the same name. Vincent, a keen listener to that programme, was thrilled by it, to the extent that he named his record shop and record label after it. Soon after, he ventured into the areas of producing recordings for prospective artistes.

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You gotta watch this: Deep Roots Music

Totally amazing documentary. A real must see! When it comes to vintage footage this is easily the single best documentary about Jamaican music I have ever seen. Definetly worth buying (here, e.g.) and I have no idea why it’s not more famous.

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Reggae – the Audience is growing

„We are not really trying to communicate black feelings. They (whites) know it’s there, and we know it’s there, we’re just living“

Ausschnitt aus „International Times“ Dezember 1970.

Via Your Heart Out.

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Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music

“Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music” was an impressive documentary made by director Mike Connolly for the BBC. It was originally shown in 2002 and the documentary traces the evolution of Reggae Music from Mento and Ska, all the way up to Roots, Dub, and Dancehall. […] The documentary has been hard to find in recent years, and doesn’t get too many repeats, so it was with great pleasure that we found it had been made available to watch online.

Via Strictlythebest.

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